a return to culture

Without our culture, we perish. Our ability to exist confidently diminishes. Without connection to culture, we are prone to being lost. We have witnessed our approach to work transform the lives of our Partners. Their mental and spiritual health is heightened, they leave spaces that challenge their authenticity, they step into spaces of clarity and out of chaos and they serve their communities in impactful ways. For our Partners, staying connected to culture and moving culture forward is the way we stay full - and we’re not just talking about the belly!

There is no better time than the present to bring your whole self to your work ~ especially if you don’t have to do it alone. 

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You can’t reach your goals without doing the work my friend. Your Life Work is a journey. Journeys require stamina. Stamina requires practice. Practice requires discipline


We rely on each other & all of creation for success. We need each other to survive.


Everything we do is guided by the spirit and rests on the shoulders of our Ancestors. Through a continuous assessment of divinity, being resourceful, and being accessible, we support the community where they are at this moment. 


My goal is to transform the way communities “do” work. Oftentimes, we get sucked into a protocol and formula for doing work that does not affirm who we are. We deviate from placing community as the focus.

The Afrocentric Communiversity values the radical & groundbreaking ideas that keep cultures thriving. It is important for us to support the lifelong success of these idea

our core values & guiding principles

Enneagram: (1) The Reformer

Top 5 Strengths: Deliberative, Restorative, Focus, Analytical, Relator (in no particular order)

Myers Briggs: ENFJ 

Oshun guides my head, Obatala guides my feet

Scorpio Sun, Cancer Moon, Aries Rising

Jalyn Gordon. founder & visionary

My genius is strategy rooted in Afrocentricity.

I have supported many folx in manifesting visions that center the empowerment of practicing & observing culture in the Black community.

I support Partners by bringing my 7 plus years experience in Community Development, Community Engagement, Grants Management and African-American Studies to the design and implementation of nonprofit and business ventures. 

Fun Facts: 

Based in Denver, Colorado

Top 3 Strengths: Design, Strategy, eating a whole block of sharp cheedar cheese 

Taurus sun, Gemini moon, Cancer rising

Emily Santos
Outreach Catalyst

as a latinx, queer, non-binary person, it's important that the work that I do is in alignment with who I am, my values, and actively working  towards doing things differently and rebelling the "norm" of doing the work. 

that's why I work with The Afrocentric Communiversity. 

As the Outreach Catalyst, I ensure that the brand voice, tone, look, and values are represented through every touchpoint. 

Some not so fun facts: 

Top 3 Strengths: Empathetic, Open-Minded, & Adaptable

Myers Briggs: INFP-T Mediator 

Pisces Sun, Gemini Moon, Scorpio Rising

Queen Elizondo
Project Support Catalyst

WE OUT HERE! Being our authentic selves, making our own worlds and shifting from surviving to thriving. 

What do I do at the Afrocentric Communiversity? Help get sh*t done ;)

Some not so fun facts: 

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everyone deserves access to guidance and support no matter what stage of development their life work is in. your business doesn’t need to reach $100k in revenue or even $25k in revenue to need coaching or consulting. 

Activistpreneurs need accessible resources to do their best work.  piecemealing support to build your life work is taxing and takes a lot of time. The Afrocentric Communiversity does that labor for you. 

community & sharing resources is an essential characteristic of BIPOC folx across the globe. we believe these characteristics should also be pervasive in business practices for BIPOC folx, not just how we exist communally and in our families.

for us, accessibility is connecting our Partners to each other for collaborations, seeking other content experts our Partners need who share the same values as our Partners, it’s creating databases with impactful information like our grants & fellowships database (that houses 150+ grants for our Partners to apply for!) and more

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exclusive events and study groups // monthly village kickstarter calls // free strategic coaching sessions // free amplification of your work // monthly workshops featuring guest speakers // access to Preferred & Referred Vendors // 150+ grants & fellowships database

The Communiversity Village is a subscription based, online community where Activistpreneurs can receive resources, workshops, tips about building their Life Work all while meeting others who share the same principles & values as them. if you’re looking for practical steps to align activism + culture + entrepreneurship, this is the home for you. 

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I had shelved my blogging dream thinking it was just too much and I’d never be able to deploy and it be done right without a huge financial investment. Jalyn provided me with a guide on what I needed to accomplish and I’m working that. She assisted me in identifying my target audience, my niche in the community and most importantly, gave me the confidence boost necessary to share my thoughts with others on my terms.

HBCUMOM, Shaemekia Jamison

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