we understand your nonprofit or business is more than work, but your life calling. when you can’t bring your whole self to the work, challenges feel insurmountable. all of our services are designed to help you turn chaos into calm. they are culturally and spiritually grounded and support you where you are at this moment.
our custom services allow you to create your own milestones AND pace for accomplishing them.

packages don’t necessarily fit Activistpreneur’s budgets or work style preference. that’s where we come in --- 

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---- a culturally-informed approach to coaching & consulting.

We prioritize many ways of being when doing work. In addition to our methodology & approach, our company prioritizes


The Afrocentric Communiversity Methodology 





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The Communiversity Village

project management 


strategic coaching

Everyone deserves access to guidance and support no matter what stage of development their life work is in. Your business doesn’t need to reach $100k in revenue or even $25k in revenue to need coaching or consulting. 


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perfect for: individuals // sliding scale: $90 - $175 per hour

a service for new or seasoned Activistpreneurs who need action steps to move your work forward. typical strategic coaching sessions include strategy, reflection, healing, community connections, clarity and advice for whatever you need at the moment - all based on your unique needs 

in the past we have coached others on culturally conscious hiring practices, how to transition from their current job to their Activistpreneurship full time, strategic planning, and even done monthly CEO strategy check ins! The possibilities are limitless!

strategic coaching 

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perfect for: individuals // sliding scale: $90 - $175 per hour

need more than a conversation? want us to perform deliverable-based work for you? this is the service for you our consulting services center on our speciality ~ building internal infrastructure that is Afrocentric, anti-white supremacist, anti-capitalist and anti-patriarchal. We center your radical imaginations to build a project, nonprofit or business that centers the liberation of your community. 

This service includes -- 
organizational development // coalition & alliance management // community outreach strategy
conflict resolution & mediation // team transition & succession planning // company policy & procedure creation // team development & recruitment // project management // strategic planning
// custom workshops // 


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perfect for: everyone // $4.99 per month!

a private, online community on mighty networks for Activistpreneurs looking to build community with like-minded individuals

Is a virtual home for Activistpreneurs looking to share ideas, tips and resources to grow your life work. It’s a great space for those who want our services, but at a much more affordable price. 

Offerings in The Village include -- 
monthly member calls // monthly workshops // resources & templates for your life work
private events // guest speakers // opportunities for free coaching sessions

The Communiversity Village

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perfect for: organizations // sliding scale: $90 - $175 per hour

if there is a project, program or initiative that needs full attention to detail, we love showing up to deliver.

we can manage the full project management process which includes ideation, planning, building internal infrastructure to support the project, meeting facilitation, project execution, knowledge management, vendor // partnership communication, routine report creation and more! 

project management

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Community & sharing resources is an essential characteristic of BIPOC folx across the globe. That’s why As an Afrocentric company, we believe in the power of sharing resources.


FREE quarterly Zoom access

Village Susu (community bank)

Access to Preferred & Referred Vendors + free perks

Free Access to private online community

Private rituals & healing opportunities

150+ Grants & fellowships database


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I had shelved my blogging dream thinking it was just too much and I’d never be able to deploy and it be done right without a huge financial investment. Jalyn provided me with a guide on what I needed to accomplish and I’m working that. She assisted me in identifying my target audience, my niche in the community and most importantly, gave me the confidence boost necessary to share my thoughts with others on my terms.

HBCUMOM, Shaemekia Jamison

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of organizations do you consider "activistpreneurs"?

  • Schools
  • Coaches & Consultants
  • Community Centers
  • Techies
  • Social Justice Organizations
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • Greek Letter Organizations (the National Pan-Hellenic Council)
  • And more!
  • Businesses 
  • Nonprofits 
  • Community Activists
  • Doulas // Birthworkers
  • Herbalists
  • Churches

An individual, businesses, organization, movement, or group invested in the holistic liberation of their community. They vow to make the necessary sacrifices to manifest collective consciousness. They consistently are working to harmonize activism, culture and entrepreneurship. These can include:

When should I start considering hiring a consultant or coach?

  • When you need assistance overcoming a challenge in your life work
  • When you need assistance measuring whether or not an approach is effective 
  • When you need training for board members, leadership, staff or volunteers 
  • When you need research-based direction 
  • When you need mentorship for yourself, your board of directors or staff
  • When you want to improve the outcome of an initiative, program or project or internal company goal
  • And everything in between & beyond

What are your payment options?

We offer a sliding scale for both coaching & consulting services. Your business or individual income determines your hourly rate for services. You get to choose how often and how frequently we work together. Invoices are sent on the last day of each month with a due date of the 4th of each month (just like rent!)

Do you travel?

Yes! I do travel for all services. Extra fees will apply depending on location.

After choosing which package is right for you you’ll receive an invoice & contract and our work begins.

invoice & contract

After the consultation you have the option to receive a custom proposal based on our consultation … we’ll lay out options for how we can assist you and the cost based on our sliding scale 

custom proposal

Consultations are $30, needs-assessment sessions where we learn more about your Life Work and offer short-term action steps to accomplish your goals ~ imagine a "crash-course" coaching session. 



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